Cabinet Refacing Process

The entire process of installing new door and drawer fronts and applying a matching face veneer will take approximately three to six days depending on the size of the job.

Step One: Doors, drawers and accessories are carefully removed. Countertops, floors and appliances are protected.

Step Two: Exterior cabinet surfaces are cleaned and prepped for the installation of your selected veneer.

Step Three: Custom-made doors and drawers are installed using concealed hinges and new drawer slides. Additional hardware and accessories can be added based on your desired needs.

Step Four: Finally, we will go through a detailed checklist with you to ensure that we have met every expectation and the quality of workmanship exceeds your expectations. A cabinet re-facing makeover by Furniture Medic by Wood Restore will provide you with a high quality new kitchen or bathroom at an economic price that will make you thrilled to show your friends.

Vanity Cabinet Refacing

Vanity Cabinet Refacing (Before)

Vanity Cabinet Refacing (After)

Vanity Cabinet Refacing (After)

Timeline for Cabinet Re-facing

A Furniture Medic by Wood Restore representative will meet with you and review the numerous options available to you to achieve your new refurbished kitchen or bath. The representative will measure your cabinetry and discuss different cabinet doors, styles, and colors so that you will have a part in creating your new look. An estimate will be provided to you within 48 hours to give you a complete understanding of how affordable your re-faced kitchen or bathroom can be. Once your decision has been made, Furniture Medic by Wood Restore will obtain your authorization, a deposit, and the process begins.

Material Ordered and Confirmed

We will contact our manufacturer with the measurements of your custom doors, drawers, surface materials and any additional add-ons you have chosen. We will receive an order confirmation from our manufacturer that the order has been received. If there are any changes to the order, this will be the opportunity to make those changes. A determination will be made to give you the timeline for completion of your custom materials.

Production Confirmation and Review

Once the timeline for completion of you materials is defined, the installation will be scheduled for a convenient timeline with you, based on the confirmed and anticipated receipt of your materials. Once we receive the materials needed to complete your cabinet re-facing job, we will inspect all the delivered materials for order accuracy and to ensure they meet industry standards. Based on our inspection, we will contact you to confirm the actual installation schedule. The installation time and date will be scheduled at your convenience.


Our trained specialists will arrive and begin the re-facing process ensuring that they conduct their work professionally. Typically, the process will take between three to six days to complete with Furniture Medic by Wood Restore cleaning up after each work day. In the end, we guarantee that you will be thrilled and proud of your new kitchen or bathroom.